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Getting to “settled” is our goal. Finding common agreement on key issues, even if the case is not settled at the first meeting of the parties:

  1. Gives the parties a new platform from which to work after a “time out” or regrouping, which could be hours or days later

  2. Allows the parties to readjust their bargaining positions to the realities of what they learned/gained from the experience

  3. Gives the facilitator more information to restart the process after re-evaluation and reflection

In a worst case scenario if the case goes to trial or final adjudication without settlement, the issues can be narrowed for efficiency. There is never an excuse not to engage in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The facilitator provides a “safe haven” for each side to air their view sin an atmosphere of respect and reflection. Sometimes the facilitated mediation is the first time each side really understands what the other side is really saying. It is always a win, as there is never a downside.

Over 45 years of experience and proven success representing clients in complex civil litigation, white collar criminal defense, grand jury proceedings, personal injury, and suits against insurance companies whose agents have given inappropriate investment advice in violation of securities laws have given me a long perspective of the claims and defenses of the spectrum of legal controversies. As a certified mediator, facilitator, and arbitrator, we know how to resolve any controversy to the satisfaction of the parties.

I know how to listen. Sometimes it is the words and arguments of the parties, often it is the music—the depth and intensity of their positions; and usually it is a combination of the words and the music. I know how to listen, really listen to find that “sweet spot” for the parties to come together. I am your best choice because I know how to work a case to resolution. The parties know their case better than I ever will. My job is to hold a mirror to the reflection of their positions, so that they can understand how the case will be heard by a court or hearing panel. I am the pathfinder to assist the parties out of their situation. Together we can do this and you can trust me.


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